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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

European bamboo beam patent

European bamboo beam patent

Bamboo strength characteristics

Bamboo strength characteristics

Bamboo beams manufacturing pictorial

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Bamboo being manufactured in Costa Rica

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Save trees, create jobs

Bamboo Oriented Strand Board was officially introduced as an environmentally friendly renewable resource that could promote many ecological agendas simultaneously.

Annually, the global timber industry cuts down $1 trillion worth of trees, the paper industry consumes $600 billion worth of trees, and the lumber industry consumes $400 billion in tree products. Bamboo OSB offers a better option.

Many people ask how is it possible to make lumber from bamboo. Basically, you take zillions of bamboo sticks the size of kite sticks, load them with glue into a large $40-million extrusion machine, and, as with a pasta machine, extrude dimensional lumber - long beams cut to 60-foot lengths ready for shipping and use in construction.

Bamboo has many merits. It has the highest biomass yield of all land plants. Only ocean kelp grows faster. Bamboo has a tensile strength comparable to steel and thrives anywhere tobacco will grow. It can be distilled to make ethanol for cars. It also can be burned to run power or desalinization plants at BTU temperatures just below coal due to its high paraffin content.

Bamboo leaves contain a protein content higher than alfalfa that can be pelletized into excellent cattle feed. Bamboo can be used to stabilize soil and help slow desertification. Bamboo is now being cloned and planted economically. Large corporations can apply for carbon sequestration tax credits increasing profitability.

Bamboo as a raw material provides millions of jobs in the cottage industries. In India five years ago, the benefit to the economy was calculated at 13 million days of labor.

Historically, few businesses create benefits for the environment. Yet in this day and age of stocks past earnings, what would be so horrible about a profitable business that saves ecosystems - and creates jobs - all at half the raw material cost, with the highest value-added ratios, at twice the profit margins, and in a more sustainable, predictable manner than forest products?

Jay Plaehn

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Patent Issued for Bamboo Oriented Strandboard (OSB)— A U.S. patent has been issued for OSB produced from bamboo, according to a press release from The company states that it controls the proprietary patent rights for bamboo OSB in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and other European countries. The current global bamboo market is estimated at $10 billion, mostly controlled by China, and plantations of bamboo are being planted to capitalize on world demand for pulp. [Source: Random Lengths Daily WoodWire, Dec. 8, 2004]
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